Checking Accounts

We offer our members the convenience of checking without the high costs associated with most checking accounts.

Teen Checking
Get your teen started out right and teach them the basics before they are on their own. For ages 13-18. No minimum balance, no monthly service charge. Debit cards are available with a $100 daily limit. A regular share account with a balance of $5.00 is required to open a checking account. Minimum balance to open checking is $20.00.

Our Regular checking accounts feature: No Minimum Balance, No Monthly Service Charge or Per-Check Fee, Carbon Copy Checks and Free Overdraft Protection from your savings. A regular share account with a balance of $5.00 is required to open a checking account. Minimum balance required to open a checking account is $20.00.

Debit cards are available. Use the debit card in place of writing checks wherever the VISA logo is displayed.  The funds are withdrawn from your account usually within 24 hours. If your debit card or ATM card are lost after hours and you are concerned that it may fraudulently be used, please call 1-800-791-2525.

Have your pay direct deposited to your checking account. Our Routing # is 274975880. Ask your employer if direct deposit is available! 

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Counter Check - $0.10 per check
Draft Copy - $1 per copy
Draft Printing - Prices vary depending on style- cheapest are $10.06/120 checks
NSF - $25 per item*
Courtesy Pay - $25 per item*
Returned Deposit Item - $8.00 per item
Statement Copy - $5 per copy
Stop Payment - $25
Returned Mail- $2.00 if unable to contact

POS Debit Transactions with a PIN =FREE
POS Credit Transactions= FREE

ATM Withdrawals > 4 per month - $1 per withdrawal**
ATM Balance Inquiry - $1 per inquiry at non-APIFCU machines

Wires International - $90 per wire transfer
Wires Outgoing - $20 per wire transfer

**unlimited withdrawals at all APIFCU ATM's
*all negotiable and electronic items

Funds Availability Policy:

AdvantagePlus of Indiana Federal Credit Union offers same day availability for most funds deposited
with the Credit Union by 6:15pm on a business day (12:00pm on Saturdays).

 SPECIFIC EXCEPTION HOLDS. The Credit Union may place a 10 day specific exception hold where the transaction involves reasonable belief that the check is uncollectible; repeated overdrafts; new accounts; large deposits; redeposited items; and emergency conditions.


 Specific Exceptions.
Uncollectible Checks.
   Stale dated check (over twelve months old);
   Improper endorsement;
   Evidence suggests that the member is engaged in check kiting; or
   Credit Union has received a notice of dishonor from the financial institution against which the check is drawn.
The member has had several deposited checks returned.
New Accounts. (Sole transaction account with Credit Union less than 30-days old.)


 Deposits Exceeding $500 to Inactive Minimum Balance Share or Draft Accounts. The Credit Union may apply this exception to inactive accounts (accounts with no regular "in person" deposits or direct deposits). It can apply to a single deposit or an aggregate of deposits made in a single day. This also applies to members depositing in shared branching outlets.


 Re-deposited Items. Items previously returned by the paying institution for non-technical reasons (i.e., missing edorsement or the check is post-dated).

Emergency Conditions. Conditions such as war, earthquake, fire, flood, power or equipment failure, suspension of payments from another financial condition, or any other emergency. A hold will be placed on the funds for a reasonable time after the emergency has passed.

Notice. If the Credit Union decides to impose a specific hold, it will immediately deliver proper notice to the member depositor. In the event of a night deposit or shared branching deposit- we will attempt to call the member to notify them of the hold. If for some reason the Credit Union fails to contact the member or deliver notice at the time of the transaction, the Credit Union will refund any return check fees or overdraft fees assessed. The notice will include:


Statement that the Credit Union is holding the funds;
Reason for the hold;
Member's name and truncated account number;
Date and amount of deposit; and
Date the funds will be available.